for those of you who need information about Tutorial to make a Google form, please read this article to the end. Google form is a service of Google that can be used to facilitate the work, especially in filling online data.

In the digital era as it is today, of course we are in demand to be more creative, efficient and quick in the work. Features of Google in this form will make it easier to work as pendataaan, Questionnaires and other. Results stuffing will be directly tersave automatically so it is quick and practical.

In addition, the Google form is also to make the audience do the charging become more convenient and Practical, because it can be accessed directly from a mobile phone each. So the process of data input can be done anywhere and anytime, make the work of data will be more easily and quickly done.
How to Create a Google Form from HP

Here’s how to easily create a Google form using the Mobile phone.

The first step, open the link to the Google Form by visiting docs.google.com, then click Add New.
Complete the title and description Google Form according to the purpose.
Add questions to the form desired.
Select the type of the questions that will be used.
The contents of the answer choices according to the type of question
If the mandatory questions are answered, enable the Option Required is available.
Set the Theme that you want on the palette icon which is located at the top, this is optional.
Preview, do double check whether the form is in accordance with what you want
If appropriate, you can begin to share the document with how to click send.

How to Send a Google Form Through WA, Email or Website Link.

After making a google form, then how to distribute the form to the Audience. There are some media that can be used, one of which we will discuss that membagian google form via email or the link WhatsaAps.

After the process of making a google form is finished, click send at the top right. After that will appear the media option “send via” Select icon letter to share via email or select the chain icon to share via link (Whatsaaps)

If all above steps have been followed, should google form can be used for data collection online.
Good luck, hopefully this article can help you who are learning to create a google form for the needs of the work or the activities of day-to-day.

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