The difference a Free Website and Website Paid – some people may ask, about the difference a Free Website and Website Paid
There are two types of the website which can be categorized based on the cost of manufacture. The first, namely a free website and that both the website paid. Both are equally popular used to support marketing activities. However, there are some significant differences that need to be sahabat Qwords consider before deciding which platform is going to be used.
Example Website Free
A free Website is the best option for bloggers and online businesses who are just learning to plunge into the world of digital. An example of a free website You can find on a blog or a website that still uses subdomains or
While for the website paid already using the extension of the domain of the top level, such as .COM / .NET / .ORG / .ID. If You are interested to use, all kinds of this domain can be obtained in the ranging from 100 to Thousands.
Examples Of Websites Paid
Website paid
Website paid
Examples of websites paid which such,, Hipwee.comand some websites other commercial. The Website of this type are usually built using a CMS (Content Management System) based hosted independently.
Don’t forget, the owner of the website also uses extensions popular domain that is short and easily memorized. Very different compared to the example of the free website that still uses the frills platform at the end of the URL, for example or
The difference a Free Website and Website Paid
1.Technical Support
Technical assistance
Technical assistance
Free Website usually don’t get technical support from the platform place create a website. So, if there is a problem such as error on the display, server down, to the site can not be in access then we can’t ask for help or send the complaint.
Different is the case with the website paid, if Your website down and can’t be accessed then these constraints can be submitted via a support ticket web hosting service that is used.
2.The Quality Of The Server Of The Website
As a user of the free website, You certainly don’t have a lot of options to determine the quality of your website’s server that will be used. Typically, the party platform provider free website provides a server outside the country used simultaneously.
Platform free website and for example, these services all provide access server hosting abroad so it is less suitable for the site that the majority of visitors come from Indonesia.
By using the website, You can get the specification of the server, the location, as well as quality in accordance with the wishes. The choice was very diverse, ranging from dedicated server packages to accommodate the needs of website traffic is large, up to a shared hosting package that cost-friendly for the pockets.
3.The Security Of User Data
One of the concerns when using the free website is located in data security. Because, files or data of the website that we have at any time be removed without the knowledge of.
Like You said the passengers sleep and activity in people’s homes without paying the cost of rent, then You should also be prepared to bear the risk of being evicted by the owner of the house, well when made a mistake or not.
Therefore, it is highly recommended for business and bloggers are professional so please migration from platform free to the platform paid. The cost is relatively cheap, especially in the currently there are tickets Migration Hosting, buy hosting 12 month free 3 months, or You just need to pay the cost of rent for 9 months only. Very interesting is not it?
4.The Completeness Of The Features Of The Website
WordPress Plugin
WordPress Plugin
The next difference is quite striking from a free website and website paid situated on the many features that can be used.
For example, when You create a free website with the platform then You can not use the features of the Plugin. Another example, for users of Blogspot or the naming system permalinknya must use the month and date on the back domain extension.
Limitations such as these could certainly be overcome easily if You choose to use the website paid vs free website.
5.Options Monetization Advertising
It’s no secret if the ad or Ads to be the main source of income of the bloggers. In this case You will little experience problems if using the platform because the developers do not allow the blogger to put Google Adsense ads, mgid, or other PPC that require the implementation of javascript code.
This weakness can indeed be tricked by making a free blog using blogspot, which can be installed Google Adsense ads. However, the amount of the commission that will be obtained will be get a piece larger than the ad revenue if you use the wesite self hosting or website paid.
Make a Professional Website is Getting Easier and Cheaper
That is the discussion related to the difference free website and website paid. Indeed,each of the platforms themselves have different market segments, one for use by the beginner (learn to), then the website paid for the business professional.
Even so, unfortunately there are still many who are still not aware of the excess from the website paid. Today the majority of businesses still rely on the free website as a key pillar to prop up the promotion in the digital realm.
As a result, the majority of the website, received less attention and is very difficult to appear in search results. Therefore, let’s immediately make a website professional to hire the best hosting Indonesia of that can be obtained starting from Rp14 thousands per month. Very affordable right?

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